When preparing for your baby, you want to be sure that you are choosing the perfect products, services and childcare.

We've included several printable checklists that help you baby proof your house, pick the perfect baby registry products, keep up with your pregnancy to-do's and find the perfect childcare center.

Pregnancy "To Do"

Your "to-do" list while expecting is long, but much more manageable when you break it down by weeks. Use this checklist to as your guide during pregnancy.

Baby Registry

How many bottles do I need? Blankets? Set up your baby's registry with ease. Follow this list, and you will have everything you need and nothing you don't!

Baby Proofing

Making your house safe for your active toddler can be a burden, but follow this checklist to baby proof your house from top to bottom. (Checklist also provided below.)


When researching the perfect daycare, do you know what to look for? Have you considered staff-to-child ratios? Here is a checklist that breaks down important factors to consider.

Baby Proofing Checklist

Before you begin baby proofing, spend time examining your house. Crawl around on your hands and knees at their level to notice potential hazards. It is also smart to decide on what you want to baby proof and get a count before you purchase items.

  • Make sure all blinds cords are wrapped in cord winders, or out of reach
  • Cover all outlets with outlet covers
  • Install gates at top and bottoms of staircases
  • Cover any openings more than 4 in with plexi-glass, garden fencing or other material to secure the opening
  • Make sure all doors that lead outside are secure
  • Move hazardous materials to out of reach cabinets
  • Cabinets with hazardous materials (cleaning supplies, trash and food) that are in reach need to be secured by cabinet locks
  • Other cabinets that you do not want your child to play in (pots, pans, etc) need to be secured with cabinet locks
  • Secure walk in pantries with door locks
  • Ovens with knobs on the front need knob covers
  • Secure oven and refrigerators that are in reach
Living Room
  • Secure bookshelves, media consoles, low TV's and any other furniture to the wall using wall straps
  • Cover sharp corners and edges on furniture with corner protectors
  • Look under tables for loose screws or splinters
  • Look under couches for objects that pose choking hazards
  • Secure any cabinets you do not want your child playing in
  • Check the list of poisonous plants
  • Secure flat screen TV's that are in reach
  • Move breakable or harmful items (scented oils, heavy decorative items, etc) out of reach
  • Secure cabinets with cabinet locks
  • Secure toilet with toilet locks
  • Make sure medications are out of reach and secure
  • Install a spout cover in the bathtub
Laundry Room
  • Secure the laundry room door with door locks
  • Secure any drawers or cabinets that contain hazardous items with locks
Child's Room
  • Do not put anything over the crib (mobile is fine until child can sit)
  • Make sure there is nothing in reach of the crib (cords, drapes, etc)
  • Do not use drop side cribs
  • Do not use bumpers
  • Make sure lotions, diaper creams and other medications are out of reach
  • Secure cabinets and doors with finger pinch preventers
  • Remove all blankets, stuffed toys and pillows from crib
  • Use only a certified crib sheet; no fluffy bedding
Pool Areas
  • Erect fencing around pools at least 4 feet high with a self-closing, self-latching gate
  • Empty all baby pools after use

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